3 Best Tips for Using an Embroidery Machine on Kids’ Items

Embroidery can make an everyday outfit new and exciting and that may even be truer when it comes to kids’ clothing. Embroidery is also an awesome way to make kids’ clothing special and unique. The only issue is that kids’ clothing tends to be much smaller than that of adults, making the application process more tedious and difficult. To help you combat this issue and make adorable clothing for your little ones, here are a few tips on how to more easily embroider a onesie with an embroidery machine.

1. Use Cutaway Stabilizers

Onesies are so small that even a small mistake in placement looks much more extreme when the design is finished. Cutaway stabilizers help alleviate this problem, so embroiderers can make beautiful, flawless designs. This type of stabilizer is the best choice when working with a onesie because even though the material is soft and stretchy, the stabilizer will hold it in place without a problem. It is also helpful to spray a bit of temporary adhesive onto the stabilizer to help it do its job even more effectively.

2. Clip Back the Excess Fabric

When working with a onesie, you are generally working with a large portion of fabric but not all of it. The way onesies are designed means they need to be stretched out when embroidered. This can lead to excess fabric bunching up and becoming a problem for your work. It is important to make sure that the excess fabric does not get in your way because that will ruin the design. Try using Wonder Clips or even just small hair clips. Just about anything that will pin the fabric back and is easy to use will work. This will help make sure that you are unimpeded while creating your masterpiece.

3. Pay Extra Attention to the Stitching Process

Especially for expert embroiderers, it can be easy to go through the motions and just let the machine do its thing when it finally comes time to do the stitching. However, it is important to pay extra attention to the stitching process because when working with something so small, even small mistakes become magnified. If you pay close attention, then any mistakes can be rectified immediately, and you will save yourself a huge hassle.

Kids are only small enough to fit into tiny onesies for a short period of their lives so that time should be special. What better way to make outfits special than to apply custom embroideries? Hopefully, the above tips will help you to start embroidering wonderful designs onto your children’s tiny clothing.

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