3 Reasons Why Using an Embroidery Machine Is Better Than Hand

Embroidery is a wonderful hobby that people of all ages engage in. Some people take it to the next level and even choose to make money off their designs. For whatever purpose one chooses to engage in embroidering, there are two main types of the practice: embroidering by machine and embroidering by hand. While there are many pros and cons to both methods, there are some great reasons why avid embroiderers choose to use an embroidery machine. Some of the most popular are explained below.

1. Projects Take Much Less Time

Embroidery machines allow embroiderers to create works in a fraction of the time that it would take them by hand. Many busy people who take up embroidery end up dropping it because of the excessive amount of time that it takes to complete one piece by hand. Embroidering by machine can keep people more invested in the practice to really build up an appreciation for it. Otherwise, they may become prematurely disinterested and miss out on a hobby that they could have really enjoyed and benefitted from.

2. Designs Are Much More Precise

Embroidering by machine allows users to create extremely difficult and complex designs quickly and efficiently. The machine can also create tighter stitches that are nearly impossible to obtain by hand. This precision makes machine embroidery much more desirable in a commercial setting or for anyone who wishes to monetize their embroidering hobby. It also makes it much easier for embroiderers to churn out many copies of one design, again lending machines their usefulness in commercial enterprises.

3. Less Risk of Error

Embroidering by hand is very prone to mistakes. People are not perfect, and it is no surprise that their embroidery usually is not either. Beginning embroiderers can often become frustrated while trying to learn the craft of hand embroidering. In this case, embroidering by machine may be more suitable for them. Correcting the mistakes inevitably caused by human error in hand embroidering can make the process even more time-consuming than it already is in the first place. Machines are much less likely to make mistakes, which will help embroiderers create amazing works.

Embroidering is a wonderful activity no matter how you choose to engage with it. Hopefully, if you have never embroidered before or if you are a die-hard hand embroiderer, you now see some of the benefits of machine embroidery and may implement it into your practice.

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