Brother Embroidery Machine Review

Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine Review

Embroidery dates back to thousands of years, but the embroidery machine is a recent invention. People used to hand stitch before the embroidery machine became available for in-home use. A process that typically took hours now takes minutes to complete.

Hand stitching has lost its popularity as people opt to use digital embroidery machines that come with innovative features. Brother is a leader in manufacturing sewing, and embroidery machines, and even Consumer Digest seems to think so since it regularly awards Brother on its products.

Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine Machine Needle

Brother Embroidery Machine combines a traditional process with modern technology to give you the ultimate embroidery device. Below is a detailed review of Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine.

About The Product

For those looking for an in-home embroidery machine that can perform a high number of embroidery designs, Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine will prove to be a worthy device. Brother is known to manufacture high-quality embroidery machines, which they sell at a reasonable price.

If you have never used an embroidery machine before, Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine will be an ideal introductory device. After a couple of days of constant use, you'll get the hang of the embroidery machine since Brother designed it to be extremely user-friendly. Here are some of the main features of the product :

  • 5"x7" Embroidery Area
  • Embroidery Card Slot
  • 136 Built-in Embroidery Designs
  • Built-in Memory
  • 25 year limited warranty
  • LCD Screen
  • 6 Lettering Fonts
  • Auto Thread Trimmer
  • iBroidery Compatible

Who Is Brother

Brother is a USA faction of the Japan-based Brother Industries Ltd with headquarters based in New Jersey. The Brother International Corporation was developed in 1954, and quickly gained the reputation of producing premier home, office, and business products.

Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine Night Mode

You may have seen other Brother products such as their award-winning printers and car accessories. Brother expanded its manufacturing to include home sewing and embroidery machines.

Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine is Brother’s best selling embroidery device because of the innovative technology applied during the manufacturing process.

In fact, this embroidery machine was awarded a “Consumers Digest Best Buy” seal from Consumers Digest. The only products that receive this award are the ones that offer the most value for the money it costs.

What’s The Design Behind It

Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine comes with prime features that make the embroidery process as simple as possible. The money you spend on the device would be worth it.

136 Built-in Embroidery Designs & 6 Letter Fonts

Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine makes it effortless to embellish anything in your home from decor to clothing. The extensive amount of embroidery designs eliminates the need for you to download any new ones because pretty much have everything you need.

Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine Usb Input

The machine also comes with six embroidery letter fonts, which will come in handy when you try monogramming your clothes. Brother PE770's 136 embroidery designs include delicate scrollwork, classic quilt patterns, intricate florals and even Disney characters.

If the 136 designs don't cut it for you, the embroidery machine comes with a built-in memory that stores custom embroidery designs. You can even create custom sewing stitches with the included program, My Custom Stitch.

Insider Thoughts

Buyers rave about the customizable features that come with Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine as well as the virtually unlimited design options. For the avid embroiderer, this machine won’t disappoint.


Most people who buy Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine were looking for a Brother embroidery machine that had a larger hoop than any other Brother device.

  • High-Quality Parts
  • Unlimited Embroidery Designs
  • Large Hoop
  • You can use LCD Display to rotate, increase or decrease the design size right before stitching
  • Easy to Use
  • Friendly to people of all embroidery levels


Some buyers did experience problems with Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine and were left feeling disappointed with their purchase. Keep in mind that the 25-year limited warranty will come in handy when the machine starts to malfunction.

  • Issues with bobbin winding
  • Stitches aren’t clean and constantly unthread
  • Jamming occurs after heavy use

Buyer Advice

Based on positive customer reviews, Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine functions efficiently and helps to develop your embroidery skills.

Buyers who used this machine on the professional level were not pleased with the quality of the designs, but this product isn’t meant to be used on the professional level. When you overwork the Brother machine, the overall quality of the embroidery designs decreases.

Keep this limiting factor in mind when you finalize your purchase.

Where Can I Buy

Amazon is the preferred online retailer for Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine because it provides fast and reliable service.

Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine On White Background

For under $600, you can start embroidering every corner of your house with Brother PE770. There are also yearly protection plans available that are backed by Amazon, so you don’t have to worry about your product malfunctioning.

Wrap Up

This is the ideal product for someone who wants to give embroidery a try but doesn't want to spend thousands of dollars on an embroidery machine.

I would especially recommend Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine to those who are just beginning to familiarize themselves with the embroidery process.


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