Singer Sewing Machine Review Reivews

Singer 9980 Sewing Machine Review

Sewing machines date back to the 19th century, but they certainly don’t look the same. The integration of technology to sewing machines allows a user to finish a sewing project within minutes of starting.

Singer, who is a popular sewing machine manufacturer, has removed any manual feature in regards to using a sewing machine. The design aspects of a Singer Sewing Machine makes the users comfort a top priority. Sewing will finally be a soothing experience rather than a stressful one.

Sewing On Singer 9980 Sewing Machine

Below is a detailed review of Singer 9980 Sewing Machine.

About The Product

Those who need a helping hand in regards to sewing, Singer 9980 Sewing Machine has got you covered. Singer is internationally known for manufacturing some of the best sewing machines on the market, so you can be certain that this sewing machine won’t disappoint.

In fact, Singer claims that Singer 9980 Sewing Machine produces beautiful results without leaving you stressed about how to work the machine. For those who are familiarizing themselves with a sewing machine, this is the ideal introductory tool that will last you years. Here are some of the main features of the product :

  • Over 800 Built-in Stitches
  • Stitch Memory Feature (Editing Included)
  • Presser Foot Sensor
  • Built-In Sewing Assistance
  • 13 Presser Feet Included
  • 13 Completely Automatic 1-Step Buttonholes with Underplate
  • Button for start/stop button
  • Button for speed control
  • Automatic thread cutter

Who Is Singer

For those unfamiliar with the history of the sewing machine, in 1851, Isaac Singer patented the first practical sewing machine that revolutionized the sewing industry. Ever since then, the Singer name has always been linked to sewing.

Since 1851, Singer expanded to manufacture more than just sewing machines. The company now develops products suitable for any level of sewing. As you can tell, Singer’s creative innovation has led it to become a world leader for sewing products.

Singer 9980 Sewing Machine Parts

Singer 9980 Sewing Machine is an example of Singer’s creative innovation since the machine is suitable for all levels of sewing. Regardless whether you are professional or beginner sewer, Singer 9980 Sewing Machine stands by the Singer standard of universality.

What’s The Design

Singer 9980 Sewing Machine functions for all sewing level because of the intricacies of its design. In fact, Singer made the advanced features optional, so you don’t need to know how they work to fully function the machine.

820 Built-In Stitches

All modern sewing machines come with built-in stitches that work automatically to stitch your desired fabric. Instead of including a handful of built-in stitches, Singer designed 9980 Sewing Machine to include 820.

Singer 9980 Sewing Machine features the following stitches: 10 basic, 776 decorative, and 21 stretch stitches. A lot of stitches allows the user ultimate freedom to sew whatever design onto fabric. Advanced sewers will greatly benefit from this feature.

5 Built-In Alphabets

On top of including over 820 built-in stitches, Singer 9980 Sewing Machine comes with five built-in alphabets. This allows you to personalize projects, so you can add your name to whatever you are sewing.

Singer 9980 Sewing Machine Embrodiery Design

This feature also gives you the option to monogram your clothes, which beats having to go to a professional sewer. You can add any phrase using the multiple lettering and number styles, as long as the stitch width is 5 millimeters.

Insider Thoughts

Buyers love Singer 9980 Sewing Machine because this one machine can complete hundreds of projects without it being a hassle to use. Not every product is built to perfection, so it makes sense that not every buyer was pleased with their Singer 9980 Sewing Machine purchase.


  • Can sew through heavy fabric material
  • Lasts several years
  • Embroidery portion eliminates the need for an embroidery machine
  • Electronic thread cutter and automatic needle threader saves time and isn’t difficult on the eyes


  • Emits loud noise
  • Hard to follow instructions to access stitches
  • Small letter stitches
  • Buyers don’t recommend using the embroidered letter stitches for intricate projects

Buyer Advice

Based on positive buyer reviews, Singer 9980 Sewing Machine gives the user complete control over their sewing projects, which many other sewing machines lack. Being confined by the mechanics of a sewing machine limits your ability to produce any sewing projects successfully.

Where Can I Buy

A majority of buyers prefer to buy Singer 9980 Sewing Machine via Amazon. For under $500, this advanced sewing machine could be sitting on your table. Those worried about the machine malfunctioning, Amazon offers yearly protection plans at a low price.

Singer 9980 Sewing Machine On White Background

Wrap Up

This is a prime sewing machine if you need one that comes with hundreds of features, but isn’t hard to use. I would highly recommend buying Singer 9980 Sewing Machine especially since this is a product that is guaranteed to last several years.


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